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Based in the vibrant city of London, we design and successfully realise innovative luxury swimming pool and wellness solutions for homes, yachts and commercial environments such as hotels and day spas.

A team of planners, designers, technicians and craftsmen constantly study new materials and components in order to create avant-garde products, researching the most reliable technologies and developing the best solutions to ensure maximum functionality.

Seasoned in the design, build and delivery of luxury swimming pools and wellness facilities, you are in safe hands, with impartial advice and the experience to ensure your project is realised to the most exacting standards, on time and on budget.

We will work alongside you as you plan, design and begin the process of building your luxury indoor swimming pool and wellness space. Whatever vision you have your home, hotel or spa, we at Luxury Pool Sauna spa can match it, bringing your dream pool and wellness suite to life before your very eyes.

"Throughout the process of designing and building our dream indoor swimming pool, the team at Luxury Pools were amazing. They were up against tight deadlines. They rose to every challenge and delivered the pool on time and on budget. We are delighted with our new pool. It has been a superb investment which has provided hours of enjoyment"
- Hardeep
Luxury Pool Spa Customer

Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa are experts in the development of pool and wellness spaces that give your home, hotel or spa the look and feel of the ultimate relaxation space. Our pools developments can go into a variety of spaces include indoor, outdoor and basements and are available in designs including the stunning infinity edge pools that give a real feeling of glamour to your space.

When designing a wellness suit, we can help you to consider and include all of the essential elements of these spaces such as saunas, steam rooms, spa pools and a variety of other wellness facilities. We can guide you in the appropriate places to locate luxury facilities such as ice cascades or Kneipp pools for the

Whether you’re creating an area for entertaining, fitness, leisure or a combination, we can provide you with close consultation and guidance to create the perfect luxury pool and wellness space for you, your family and your guests.