Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa, we are specialists in the designing and building of swimming pools and wellness suites for your home, hotel, yacht or day spa. We bring our wealth of understanding for this growing market to you, our customers, to bring your vision for a better space to life.

Swimming pools and wellness spaces are our passion. We specialise in the building and designing of bespoke products such as deck and skimmer level swimming pools, saunas, spa pools and a host of other luxury wellness facilities that will liven up your space.

Using our knowledge and experience in the industry, we are able to design a swimming pool or wellness suite that is an exact match for the special requirements, as well the needs of you and your guests. We ensure that our designs become one with the surrounding environments; giving a sleek and seamless feel to your pool or spa room.


With our enthusiasm for creating the very best in hotel and home spaces for you and your guests to relax, celebrate and thrive, we can bring you an in-depth range of insights and knowledge about the world of swimming pools, wellness and spa facilities. We are experienced experts working in this industry and we combine with our passion for immaculate design to bring you the very best in all things wellness and pool related.

Our luxury swimming pool designs include deck level, skimmer and infinity edge pools, and we are experienced in creating stunning outdoor and basement pools to bring to life your home and hotel spaces; no matter where they are. We specialise in the creating the styles that you want in the size that you need to give your home or hotel the look and feel that it deserves.

Our wellness products include Kneipp pools, spa pools and the latest in dry floating treatment; Zero Body. We can even install saunas and steam rooms into hotel rooms so that your guests can enjoy a wellness experience in the privacy of their bedroom.

All of our designs are created on a bespoke basis and are tailored to give you the best wellness solutions for your needs. These will give you and your guests the ultimate wellness and pool experiences every time you use or attend a luxury pool or spa.

Working extensively throughout the UK and Ireland with the best designers, architects, tech suppliers and artisan material suppliers, we at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa will work alongside you to meet your needs; be it the designing of a pool for exercise or relaxation or a wellness suite for a home or a commercial space such as a hotel or day spa.

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