Designing a luxury swimming pool for your home requires consideration of a number of features including the tiling, the plantroom and pipework and the environment itself. These factors are all important, and you should focus on getting them exactly right as your luxury swimming pool will be a space that will be used regularly, if not daily as part of your family life and your celebrations, as well as part of a guest experience if you’re looking to put a pool into a hotel space. The goal is for it to be an exact match the needs of your home or spa facility.

Using our precise designs, you can ensure that your luxury pool becomes the centre of the ultimate spa experience for you, friends, family and guests. To achieve this, you should carry out plenty of research to decide what the closest match for you will be. Working alongside us, your swimming pool design experts, you can feel assured that the space will be exactly how you envision it.


Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa, we offer a series of additional features that you can include in your swimming pool design to heighten the experience.

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We offer a variety of water features that you can include into your design. Water cannons are popular with children as they spray water into concentrated areas of the water making it a great place for play.

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For additional safety in your luxury pool, and to prevent heat loss from the surface of the water, a pool cover is an effective way to enhance your space. Choose from either a slatted pool cover that floats on the surface of the water to preserve the heat or a safety pool cover which is capable of supporting the weight of a child should they fall.

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Upgrade the swimming pool experience to a new level with coloured LED lighting to set the perfect mood around your luxury swimming pool. However you choose to enhance your space, rest assured that your Luxury Pool Sauna Spa contractor will be there to help you to make all of the important decisions surrounding you’re the creation of your dream swimming pool.

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