Swimming Pool Types

Indoor And Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Entering a luxury swimming pool room is all about coming into a space that is built around relaxation and wellness. Swimming pools should capture you and your guests’ attention; inviting them in as soon as they enter the swimming pool room.

Choosing the right pool type is essential to getting that wow factor feeling and there is a range of different ones to choose from depending on the space and the vision that you have for your home.

In homes, day spas and hotels, a swimming pool can be the key to transforming the space into one that you, your family and your guests can grow and thrive in. They can become the focal point for celebrations, entertaining and for relation and fitness. Whatever you want your luxury swimming pool to be, Luxury Pool Sauna Spa can help.

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Indoor Swimming Pools

Luxury pools are experts in the design and construction of bespoke inspirational indoor pools. Our design team go through a systematic 10 step process from initial swimming pool evaluation and consultation through to approved working drawings and swimming pool construction. Your new indoor pool will enhance your home and your wellbeing. We have one aim simply to provide you with the swimming pool you’ve always aspired to. 

Basement Swimming Pools

Space is often a premium in our major cities and towns. Make use of the basement with a stunning  subterranean pool from Luxury Pools. We have a huge depth of knowledge in the design of the dehumidification systems required to  ensure the air in your basement pool room is clean and fresh. We focus on enhancing the user experience and utilisation of space. From steam rooms and saunas to swim jet systems, massage jets,and  experience showers we have the expertise you are looking for.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools. This gives the illusion that the pool has no borders, that the pool merges with the horizon or flows out to sea. When it comes to contemporary pools, some home owners prefer to let go of all physical limits. This is probably how infinity pools were born: by embracing a feeling of absolute freedom and putting this idea into practice. For those homes that are multi level, then an infinity pool can be the answer to making the most of a stunning vista.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Make the most of your beautiful English Garden with a bespoke luxury outdoor swimming pool. From a traditionally invoked wall garden pool to a stunning minimalist LA inspired pool we have the vision to create the outdoor pool of your dreams. Featuring the latest tile designs and considering how the pool will be used we can maximise the benefits of your pool nirvana.


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