Basement Swimming Pools



In certain spaces, such as older hotel buildings and houses, a basement can become a forgotten area that is used as storage or just neglected altogether. Often this is because many homeowners and hoteliers don’t know what to do with this space that can often seem dark and lost against the rest of the grounds.

A basement swimming pool is a fantastic way to transform these areas and inject a new lease of life into your property. Depending on your needs, you can create a new relaxation area that makes the most of this once lost space. Your basement will be transformed into a space that will be the envy of everybody that experiences it!

You’ll no longer need to worry about the dark corners of the basement and what might be lurking there, because your luxury pool will have become the centre of your property, lit with stunning lights and tiling that will reflect the water, moving light all around the room.

With additional features such as luxury relaxation beds, your basement can become a space that is transformed for the purpose of indulging yourself in time just for you.  



Creating a feature space out of your basement is a fantastic way to add value to your property and to create the feeling of a new home without having to relocate. Your friends, your family and your guests will love spending time around your basement pool, creating a social space that you can thrive in whenever you like!

When designing your basement swimming pool, it’s important that it’s designed to suit you. You’ll be using it a lot, maybe even every day! So, getting the right style for you is vital. This means you can also consider additional options such as LED lights, swim jets or water cannons that will liven up the swimming experience in a way that everybody can thrive in.

Your basement pool can come in a range of designs, depending on what you would prefer. We offer skimmer and deck level pools, as well as options such as infinity pools, which we can align to suit the vision that you have for your home.

A skimmer pool has a small distance of up to 100mm between the surface of the water and the pool surrounding. Water is collected through pool skimmers around top of the swimming pool’s walls called skimmers, which is what gives it its name “Skimmer pool” . Deck level swimming pools contain water at the same level as the pool surrounding. The displaced water is collected through a gridded transfer channel around the pool and then taken to be cleaned in the filtration tank.  

If you want to create even more of a social space out of your basement pool area, we can work alongside you to create this. Through the installation of a moving floor, your pool area can be easily transformed from a social area, to a swimming pool and back again as you require it.