Indoor Swimming Pools Design



Evolving your home to include a luxury indoor swimming pool is a decision that goes beyond adding a new space onto your property. It is about creating a space where you can thrive and relax while living the luxurious lifestyle that many of us strive for without having to walk out of your front door.

In the commercial space, indoor swimming pools give guests a chance to enjoy a slice of the indulgent life in a wellness space that completely separates them from the day-to-day pressures of normal working life. By offering this welcoming chance to recharge, your luxury indoor swimming pool can become the focal point of a spa experience that everybody can enjoy.   

Indoor pools can be built as extensions or into the main body of a property. Whichever you choose, you will transform your space and increase its market value while designing a space that you can thrive in. You will have total control of the climate, water temperature and quality, creating the perfect space for you, your guests or your family to spend time together, celebrate and get fit. 



Luxury Pool Sauna Spa offers a range of different indoor swimming pool styles for you to choose from.

Depending on the look and feel that you’d like to create in your home, health spa or hotel, you can select a pool type that suits the style of your wellness suite, creating a sleek looking design that is tailored around you.

Together, we can create a bespoke environment in your home for relaxation, exercise and family time, encouraging a healthy and active life for the whole household.

We work together with your designers and contractors to bring you a wealth experience so that you can maximise the potential of your space.  We can also advise on additional spa facilities such as spa pools, saunas and steam rooms, as well as many more, to give your home a complete wellness suit.

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Here the pool surround is higher than the pool water level by approximately 75 to 150mm. This distance is known as the freeboard. The pool water to be filtered and cleaned leaves the swimming pool via the skimmers positioned in the top of the pool walls. hence this is why this type of pool is also commonly known as a skimmer pool.

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In the deck level system, the water in the pool is at the same level as the pool surround. Water is continuously displaced over the edge of the pool and through a grid cover into a transfer channel round the perimeter of the pool. From the channel the water is collected in a balance tank and is then returned to the filtration plant.


Infinity edge swimming pools have one edge that the water cascades over giving the illusion of the pool having no end but continuing into the horizon. For an indoor pool experience that makes you feel like you are a part of the natural world, an infinity edge pool is for you.