Outdoor Swimming Pools



Outdoor swimming pools are a fantastic addition to any garden, patio or other external space. They offer year-round health benefits for both your physical and mental well-being and can become a space for you to socialise, celebrate and relax with your friends, family and guests.

Outdoor pools are a feature point for your garden that command the attention of those within the space, drawing them in with the striking colours and design. In the summer, when the weather is at its height, an outdoor pool can become a fantastic focal point for your social life that your friends and family will be envious of.   

As well as being a place to cool down and keep fit during the summer, outdoor swimming pools can be a hugely beneficial addition to your life in the winter as well. The invigorating experience of cool water and the fresh outdoor air improves your mental well-being, increased the level of calories that you burn while exercising and improves your white blood cell count which improves your immune system.

You can also enjoy warm water in your luxury outdoor swimming pool as we can fit them with heat pumps, such as air source pumps so that you can enjoy warm waters whenever you’re using your pool.

No matter what you choose, you can feel assured that your luxury outdoor pool will be designed to the specifications that you require, creating the ultimate space for you to relax and enjoy yourself.



Many outdoor pools are crafted to a skimmer design which have a water level that is between 75-100cm below the pool surround. Outdoor pools are specifically tailored to be an exact match for your needs. This means that they are guaranteed to blend with the setting that you choose for the location of your luxury outdoor pool.

If you would like, you can add an air source heat pump so that, even in the colder weather the water in your pool is heated. Air source pumps are an efficient way to quickly heat up your pool water making it a perfect temperature for your needs. To prevent high levels of heat loss from your pool, we recommend considering a pool cover which will sit on the surface of the water where most of the heat is lost from.

Slatted pool covers are particularly good at ensuring there is minimal heat loss from the pool surface. If you’re working with an environment where children are moving around, however, you could consider a safety pool cover as these are capable of supporting the weight of a child if they were to fall onto it. These are a particularly good idea in hotels or homes with small children.

If you would like a pool cover on your luxury pool, you should also consider the shape that you’d prefer. Luxury outdoor pools can be square or oval shaped; whichever you prefer. However, if you looking to include an automated pool cover at least one end of the pool needs to be square.

Working together with your swimming pool contractor, you can design a bespoke luxury outdoor pool that will become envy of everybody who your share it with.