Across the world awareness is continually being raised about looking after our bodies and our minds. We are becoming more educated about how to care for our selves and what sort of treatments and experiences we should focus on in order to look after our wellbeing more effectively.

For hotels, day spas and wellness centres, this has resorted in a clientele that comes to them seeking more than just quality equipment. They also expect to find unique environments that look after them mentally as well as giving them all of the physical benefits that these spaces are famous for. The result is the expectation that spas should be doing more and more to achieve the principles wellness and to raise awareness of its importance. Spas should be working for the concept of wellness; promoting the belief that materials, lights and colours, combined with the functionality of the facilities can convey the feelings and emotions that guests are seeking.

It goes without saying that wellness spa designs should be centred on the promotion of comfort and relaxation. Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa we, and our wellness partner Starpool, provide our customers with the all the functional designs to our spa facilities. Further to this, we offer close architectural consultancy services to allow you, as our client, to feel safe in the knowledge a professional architect is involved in providing expertise and in-depth knowledge throughout the project. In this niche sector of project development, an expert with proven experience is vital and this approach is a value that we will bring to your wellness spa.

A properly managed and objective assessment of the space is necessary to ensuring a smooth and successful process of planning, designing and building. With our Spa Design expertise, we will help you to develop the identity of your luxury wellness spa and bring in expert support to help create the ultimate space for you.

Our Spa Design consultancy is focused on demonstrating to you the importance of the professional experts who will work alongside us to ensure the process of building your luxury wellness spa is smooth and seamless. We will consult with you throughout the development stages of the project through the design stage and while completing and monitoring the work as it’s undertaken right up until the spa is officially opened. This ensures the correct dimensioning on the spaces and creates certainty of a consistent style throughout the entire spa.

Our consultancy will help you to see the exciting stages of development as we bringing you the images and renderings, including the material and component specifications. This not helps to keep you informed of the project’s progress but also helps you to see the spa coming to life before your eyes as we undergo the stages of turning your vision into a reality.


We have partnered with Italian wellness experts Starpool. This unity means that we at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa can offer you a complete wellness package that covers all bases of options for your spa designs. Starpool products are perfect for not only hotel and day spas but also for installation in your property, meaning you can bring the luxury into your home where you can enjoy it every day!

We proudly design luxury spa environments for everybody including home saunas, steam baths and swimming pools; as well as many more wellness options. We complete these designs with passion, quality and focus on the design that you envision to ensure that your wellness pool and spa is the exact match for you!

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