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Create A Luxury Spa Facility With Wellbeing At Its Heart

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When stepping into a spa room, guests should feel that they are in the lap of luxury as soon as they enter. The look, feel and facilities that greet them should be all about creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation in the name of a better wellbeing across the entire spa.

Whether in the home or in a hotel or commercial setting, spas should have one key mission; give the users the best experience possible that leaves them feeling totally revived when they leave. To create this atmosphere, you can add a number of different wellness treatments such as:


These dry heat space can reach temperatures of up to 60°C and come in a variety of designs such as Finnish and infrared. The heat gets deep into the body giving you a clearer mind and body as well as the perfect space to relax. For more information on our luxury saunas, click here.

Spa Pools

A luxury spa isn’t complete without spa pool to give you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy warm waters and powerful jets that move and bubble the water in a way that give a massage like feel that leaves the muscles feeling loosened and your body feeling energised. Click here to find out more!

Salt Cabins

For a luxury spa experience that goes beyond the usual facilities found in these environments; a salt cave, cabin or wall is a fantastic addition to include. As one of the cooler spaces in the spa, a salt cave offers guests the chance to revive themselves in a space that, while they relax, works to benefit their skin and their health throughout their body. Click here to read more about how salt cabins could enhance your wellness space!

Sensory Showers

To create a wellness space that is like no other, add a sensory shower. These stunning spa facilities give guests the chance to enjoy warm mists or rain, summer storms or even cold options like cool mists and waterfalls. Each brings its own benefits to the body and will liven up the spa experience and your guests to give the perfect experience to all. For more information, click here!

Ice Cascades

Ice cascades can feature on their own or as part of a cold room that allows you and your guests to bring your body temperature down after experiencing the higher temperature spaces such as saunas and steam rooms. Guests will see benefits in the inner wellbeing and on their skin, as they are refreshed and rehydrated by these stunning facilities.

Kneipp Pools

Invented in the nineteenth century by Sebastian Kneipp, Kneipp pools and walks are a fantastic way to give your guests a unique spa experience that is unlike any other. Alternating between warm and cold waters, the body is awakened, and an all-round feeling of improved wellness is created. To find out more about this stunning spa experience, click here!

At the centre of almost every luxury spa, is a swimming pool. Together, these stunning features create the ultimate spa facility where you, your family and your guests and can thrive and relax, totally independent from the outside world. This gives you the chance to reset your system, leaving you energised and ready for a new day.


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