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Ice cascades are not only a stunning visual addition to your luxury wellness space, they also offer your skin an indulgent treatment that offers health benefits throughout your entire body. Ice is an effective way to regulate your body temperature while you enjoy the warm spaces around a wellness spa. It’s important to keep your body hydrated and to occasionally bring your temperature down so that you truly gain the full benefits of the spa treatments.



Because of the characteristics and health benefits that come from using crushed ice as part of a wellness experience, ice cascades and waterfalls are at their best when partners with Finnish saunas or steam rooms; giving you and your guests the opportunity to lower your body temperature and treat your skin.

Luxury Pool Sauna Spa can work alongside you to install an ice cascade that provide you with an intense cold to heighten the spa experience for you and your guests. Ice, finely crushed into snowflake like pieces, is dropped into an anodised aluminium basin where guests can access it as part of their wellness treatment.

Ice cascades can be installed into spaces along side a cool system in its own area where the temperature can be regulated at between 5°C- 15°C. These systems distribute the air evenly around the cool rooms created the ideal place for you and your guests when you want to take a few minutes to rebalance your body temperature and feel the full benefits of a spa treatment. These spaces are created with a zero-grouting design that keeps hygiene levels at their maximum level. For additional safety, alarm systems can be installed for rapid intervention in the unlikely event of an emergency.

When using your ice cascade as part of an ice cave or cool room, you can further set the mood of the space by adding complimentary colours such as deep blues that reflect off the surface of the room to create an iridescent effect that matches the needs of the area exactly. You can further heighten the experience by adding a music kit of Spa Music by Starpool that features an audio MP3 player and USB as well as Bluetooth to make streaming calming music that matches the mood of the space seamlessly.

Ice Cascade Design | Luxury Pool Sauna Spa | London