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Based upon the practice of alternating between hot and cold water, Kneipp pools are a great way to encourage your body’s wellbeing toward its very best.

Kneipp therapy originates from Germany, where it was invented by a Bavarian priest in the nineteenth century. The goal of Kneipp therapy and pools is to help revive those who are suffering from health issues such as stress, sleeping disorders or even more serious problems such as cardiovascular illness’s or metabolic trouble.

By alternating between hot and cold waters in either a Kneipp bath/pool or walk, blood circulation is stimulated which strengthens the immune system and creates an overall better state of wellbeing. The idea is to create a better balance in your body by alternating hot and cold temperatures to bring your whole body into harmony with itself.

Kneipp pools are about creating a personal experience that uniquely helps you and your guests to best version of themselves. It’s the perfect form of wellness treatment to offer as part of any spa experience.


There are two ways to install Kneipp therapy into your luxury wellness spa. These are a Kneipp bath, or pool, or a Kneipp walk. While they both serve the same purpose, it’s important to decide which one suits your wellness space the best to ensure that you can provide your guests with the best experience every time they visit.

Kneipp therapy is thought to be particularly beneficial to those suffering with illnesses such as ulcers, restless legs or even Type 2 Diabetes because of the way that it encourages the body to have a better flow of blood, improved immune system.

Kneipp Pools For Wellness Spas | Luxury Pool Sauna Spa | London