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Salt is considered an essential part of our diets in order to keep us fit and healthy. But did you know that salt can also be used as part of a wellness therapy as well?

Salt has been used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years; it’s been proven to offer beneficial impacts on breathing related health issues such as asthma or coughs. They are low temperature spaces, working around a moderate 20°C, so there isn’t enough heat in the air to tickle the throat if you’re suffering from dry coughs or infections.

Salt caves offer a refreshing spa experience that echo the sensory feeling of being by the sea. This is thanks to the natural design that creates surfaces cover with dry salt to give the best possible experience to you and your guests. Using natural salts such as Himalayan varieties, salt rooms can be integrated into a wellness spa where you and your guests can feel the benefits in your skin, your body and you’re overall well-being as soon as you step inside.



Salt can be included into your wellness spa in a variety of ways allowing you to create the perfect luxury wellness spa experience for you and your guests. The health benefits that can come from using a luxury salt room mean that everybody who makes use of the space will feel revived in a way that is totally unique to their relaxation needs. Whether this is in their skin, breathing related difficulties or even just having the chance to totally refresh their body, you can guarantee they will feel the benefits during and after they have enjoyed the salt room.

As well as salt rooms, you could also choose to include a salt wall, cabin or even a salt sauna for a higher temperature experience with this highly effective therapeutic material. Salt cabins and saunas and heated using an internal stove which regulates the temperature and the humidity to a level that best suits the needs of the space. Salt walls are used in spaces with managing heat and lighting to carry out the ionisation of the salt itself while creating a feature that becomes a natural part of the space as a whole.

The salt is ionised using a special treatment that makes it suitable to be used for all of the health benefits that these spaces can offer. You salt room or cabin can be seamlessly included as part of your wellness spa; making it a natural part of your facility that you and your guests will be able to enjoy as part of your experience.

Like many of our other spa facilities; we can include additional features such as music or sensory enhancing elements such as aromas, colours or specialist lighting that will create a more rounded experience for you and your guests across all of your wellness spa facilities, including your luxury salt room, cabin or sauna.

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