Sauna Installation



Starpools UK Partner For Spa Design | Luxury Pool Sauna Spa | London
The heat of a sauna is one of the ultimate ways to relax your body while giving yourself a wellness treatment, just by stepping inside one. The bouquet of natural wood gives a stunning visual impression and the strength of the heat generated inside gets deep into your skin, relaxing the muscles detoxifying your body while you sit back and relax. The soft colours of a sauna couple with the penetrating heat to create a space in which you can completely switch off from the pressures of day-to-day life. They come in a range of different designs which you can choose from depending on the vision that you have for the look of your wellness suite. Saunas not only offer a place to relax; they also come with the benefit of weight loss through the extraction of toxins in your body and have an anti-aging affect if you choose to an infra-red design. Not only that, but you will feel the health benefits in better circulation and an improved mood as you give time back to yourself to relax and recharge your mind.



Sauna’s offer a dry heat treatment experience with a low humidity level. This makes them perfect for those looking for a spa experience that will also give a feeling of relieve to muscle and joint paint such as arthurites.

With the right lighting and natural woods that are available in a variety of coatings you can create a space that matches with the aesthetic impression that you’re striving to create. For an even more reviving wellness treatment, consider adding a relaxing soundtrack through our music kits that will heighten the sensory experience of luxuriating in a sauna.

Our saunas are designed with a functional but artistic look that has easy access and additional safety systems such as alarms that allow for rapid intervention in the unlikely event of an emergency. For further safety assurance, the stove that becomes the centre of the sauna if located securely, isolated from the structure using a wall of EcoStone that offers complete protection from the heat.

Colours can be selected from our extensive range and we guarantee that we’ll have a style to suit you. Our choice include a black waxed fir wood, linden wood with a pale, natural feel and a red cedar, giving a warm glow to the sauna that echoes the heat that it generates. You can further this feeling by adding a colour change to the lightening to further than warm glow sensation the saunas create.

For additional luxury, you can include a touch screen display into your sauna which creates a user-friendly interface for you to adjust the settings of the light and temperature in your sauna to suit you. Additionally, if you’d like your luxury sauna to give a complete sensory experience, you can add aromas in that match the natural wood that gives a visually pleasing look. These aromas create the feeling of being elsewhere, totally separating you from the pressures of the outside world.