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There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back in the warming waters of a luxury spa pool with the gentle force of the water jets massaging the muscles. Installing a spa pool into a wellness facility is the ultimate sign of a luxury facility; if you are looking to create a space in your home or hotel that has the ability to create the air of escapism; then a spa pool is the way to go.

In a luxury wellness spa, you often find spa pools accompanied by swimming pools. Matching the two is a fantastic way to enhance the spa experience as you and your guests can alternate between the warming waters of a spa pool and the deeper waters of a swimming pool where they can stretch themselves before returning to the spa pool to relax.

Spa pools offer a great way to retune your body and to loosen up the muscles that can become tight as a result of our day-to-day lives. Using the high-powered jets around the edges of the spa pool, the water will be moved around to create a hypnotic bubbling effect along the surface of the water and a ripple running through you that will get deep into the muscles as you sit among them.

The heat from the warm waters also penetrates deep into the muscles, aiding the relaxation feeling created by the jets which results in an all-round of indulgence for your body.



Luxury spa pools are constructed from a range of coatings and finishes that you can choose from.  Select from either a ceramic, mosaic or stone coating or a prefabricated EPS solution with a fibreglass shell depending on what look you would like to give your luxury spa pool. The pool itself will also feature an overflow edge for any displaced water to run into. From here it will be collected, cleaned and filtered back into pool looking good as new giving you a constant look of outstanding water quality.

Depending on the space and size that you would like, your spa pool can be designed to accommodate up to ten people meaning that no matter where your spa pool is located, there will be plenty of room for everybody to enjoy it. The design can be tailored to allow for either a sitting or a semi-lying down position; whichever you would prefer. Sitting positions are great for when you are creating a spa pool that will be actively used as part of you social life; you can sit back and enjoy your spa pool as part of your parties, celebrations and your time with your friends, family and guests. If you’d like to dedicate your spa pool purely to the purpose of total relaxation, a semi-lying position is best. You’ll be able to settle back in the warming waters and totally immerse yourself in the wellness spa experience.

Working alongside us, your luxury pool contractor, you can create a bespoke spa pool as part of a space that you, your family and your guests can thrive in by designing the spa pool around the needs of the space and considering the usage that it will have.