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How many times upon entering a spa have you been confused when faced with all the steam baths, showers and couches?

How many times after a sauna you have felt tired out and overly relaxed? Wouldn’t it be better if you could understand the best way to manage your wellness experience to get the very best out of it?

The incorrect use of wellness equipment can sometimes provoke unpleasant sensations such as extreme tiredness. Upon exposure to high temperatures our bodies enter a sort of artificial febrile state that activates our immunity system.
Jumping into the snow or immersion in cold water is indispensable for returning the temperature to normal and inducing a new feeling of well-being. This is why you often find ice and cool rooms in spa facilities.

As well as the wellness benefits, Starpool Spa Systems simply the management and promotion of your spa facilities so that customers can feel guided throughout their time with you. Each wellness path is included in a guide that is customised for each spa facility on an individual basis. This can then be delivered to the guests as they begin their wellness experience and used throughout their stay.

The signage and supports of the Starpool spa system paths offer a complete guide to users, giving the times and methods for using each ambience. We have created five different paths for the guests to choose from to help them to maximise their time during their visit.

Further to this, staff of your spa facility will have full training for each spa facility and the equipment involved in running them to ensure that everybody understands the working nature of the wellness facilities. This helps to promote a safer environment where staff are confident and informed on the working practices to give themselves a better working environment and the guests the best possible experience during their stay.

Spa Pool Design | Luxury Pool Sauna Spa | London