Steam Rooms Installation



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Steam room wellness treats are one of the most ultimate trips into the world of luxury. The close air, glamourous tiling and high temperatures create a refreshing feeling that leaves your body revived for days after use.

A luxury steam rooms is designed to reach temperatures of 43/45°C and the humidity levels in a steam room can get as high as 98%, creating the ultimate tropical environment for you to refresh yourself. The humidity in the space and the steam generated is particularly beneficial for those who are suffering with sinus related issues because of the moist heat.  Their intricate design is inspired by the Arabic hammams, Turkish steam baths and Roman steam saunas. These bring together a combination of cultures that give the ultimate feeling of luxury.

Through close consultation with you, we can help you create a steam room that is an exact match to the vision that you have for your wellness space. Weather it’s just a steam room, or a wider project that includes additional spa facilities such as salt cabins, saunas or spa pools, our expert team can work alongside you to guide through the process of creating your luxury steam room experience.



Creating the perfect steam room requires a careful combination of the features that you’d most like to experience in your luxury facility. The interior of your steam room must suit the requirements of the wellness space you’re creating. You can set to the perfect mood through a lightening system that you can tailor to create the most natural effect possible.

You can heighten this design further by adding in sensory smells of eucalyptus; one of the most effective scents for a steam room and making you feel clearer and refreshed following your treatment. For an even deeper emersion into the wellness spa experience, you can add music through a Starpools Music Kit which uses a USB or Bluetooth to project in relaxing sounds that give a more rounded sensory feeling.

Steam is generated through a patented Air Steam System that evenly distributes it throughout the room to revive your senses. The system produces a mixture of steam, fresh air and the optional aromas that you include to produce the best quality air that is uniformly spread around the room rather than concentrated in one area.

Steam is emitted via an aluminium steam inlet that prevents you or your guests coming into direct contact with the heat source, creating a safer wellness area where everybody is free to relax. For additional safety in these spaces, alarm buttons can be fitted for intervention in the event of an emergency. For commercial spaces, this is particularly important, as guest safety is a primary focus for these kinds of settings.

By combining all of the possible features of your luxury steam room, your entire sensory system will be treated to a wellness experience that will leave you feeling totally revived.