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When visiting a hotel or day spa, our natural instinct is to seek out the latest and most effective methods for switching off from the outside world for a while. What we, as humans, seek is the chance to let the day to day pressures go for a while and reconnect with ourselves. Think of it as resetting yourself so that when you emerge from the spa you are once again fully charged and ready for anything.

This is what Zero Body is all about.

Zero Body relaxation beds are built with sensory stimulation and relaxation at the forefront of their design. These luxury relaxation beds offer all of the benefits of an immersion tub without having to get wet.

To immerse yourself in this experience, climb onto the heated waterbed mattress which will envelope you in warm waters that match your body temperature. The result; feeling as those you are lying on the clouds. During this dry floating experience, your body temperature will become free to produce endorphins; famously known for their ability to make us feel happier and more contented.

As a result of the truly unique luxury wellness treatment; you will feel completely revived and refreshed as you head back out into the world.


Wellness and well-being are words that we are hearing more and more these day. We, as humans, are learning to love ourselves more and are gaining a better understanding of the importance of giving ourselves that all important few moments every now and again to truly indulge our own needs to better equip our bodies and minds for the challenges of day to day life.

Zero Body is built on this philosophy. Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa, we are passionate about bringing you the opportunities to give yourself, your family and your guests the chance to indulge their needs as humans to reset their systems through wellness relaxation.

The Zero Body relaxation bed works by lowering your stress levels, giving you inner calmness and stability. The waterbed mattress is set to a temperature of around 36°C matching the average internal temperate of your body. Guests can adjust the temperature manually to create an exact match for the experience that they would like while enjoying Zero Body. At the same time, your guests can adjust the lighting effects and engage a hydro massage in the lower back and activate relaxation mediation music brought to you from the Nu Relax™ app.

Zero Body sessions can be anything up to 30 minutes long, giving you a full immersion experience that will totally revive your body and mind. With the massage, music and colour change features you can give your guests a wellness treatment like no other.

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