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Across the world, in high-end hotels, the call from guests to have a more private wellness experience is being felt. As guests staying in luxury hotels seek the very best wellness care, there is a growing demand for wellness facilities to come as part of a hotel room instead of just as a communal spa area for the whole hotel clientele to enjoy.

A private wellness space can make guests feel more at ease as they use these spaces and allows them to make use of them throughout their stay and not be limited to the opening times of hotel spas facilities that are usually only manned during the day. For busy guests travelling during the day, this can be a huge benefit.

Hotel rooms with spa facilities require specialist attention from pool and wellness experts to ensure that these spaces are designed to match the space available both in terms of size and for the aesthetic look. This is particularly important if you’re hotel rooms will feature wellness facilities such as saunas and steam rooms as finding a balance between the bedroom space and the wellness space is vital to maintaining a seamless look in each room.


Popular wellness spa features in hotel rooms are saunas and steam rooms because of the health benefits that they offer. These spaces are inviting areas for guests to privately enjoy as part of their stay to help them to further heighten the relaxation feeling that we often seek while staying away on holiday.

A hotel with a wellness suite in the rooms will not only appeal to the guests because of the privacy that it creates around these spaces, but will also be more inviting to those looking for a space where they can relax in a quiet area rather than in communal spa spaces which can become very busy; particularly during peak holiday season.

Here at Luxury Pool Sauna Spa, we can work alongside you to design your wellness suites in the hotel rooms to be an exact match for spaces and needs of your guests. By offering such a unique hotel experience, guests will feel more pampered to throughout their stay, making them want to return to you again and again.

We will consult with you to ensure the size of each room is catered to in order to maintain a seamless design throughout the entire hotel. We will ensure that guests can enjoy their wellness suites in comfort; giving them ample room to relax without taking away from the space available throughout the room as a whole.  If spaces are too small, then the overall experience of these spaces is lost and guests won’t be able to enjoy the wellness aspect of their stay to its full capacity. With our guidance and expertise we can ensure that your hotel spaces are maximised to their full potential.

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